Brow Shaping

Achieve the perfect eyebrow shape for your facial features.
No fuss, no wax, no chemicals.

Upper Lip

A popular treatment that removes unwanted hairs from the upper lip.


Remove stray hairs and eliminate thicker coverage from
the chin and beneath.


A smooth hair-free forehead is the perfect way to
complement beautifully-groomed brows.


Remove unwanted hairs from all parts of the
cheek for a sleek, smooth look.


Give your neck the attention it deserves with
complete hair removal.


Longer or shorter, make a statement with beautiful, smooth sideburns that reflect who you are.

Brow & Upper Lip

Combine beautiful brows and a smooth upper lip in a treatment that leaves you looking your best.

Full Face (including Brow Shaping)

Get the full Frida treatment and enjoy the smooth sleekness
of beautiful, hair-free skin.


Eyelash Tint

Frame your eyes with a lash shade that best complements your eye color.

Eyebrow Tint

Accentuate the perfect eyebrow shape with the ideal tint.

Lash & Brow Tint

Color your world with a double treatment to define your lashes and brows with the perfect tint.